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Do I have to book a session if I make an enquiry? 
If you are looking for therapy or counselling, feel free to contact me. When you contact me with a query you are under no obligation to arrange a meeting. 
What is the process of psychotherapy and counselling like? 
One of the ways people try to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings is to ignore them, or ‘lock them away’ inside themselves. Unfortunately this does not work, as we carry these feelings around within us, and the pain at the heart of them does not disappear. Psychotherapy and counselling encourages you to get back in touch with these feelings in a safe environment, and at your own pace. It is always your right to choose what you do and do not wish to discuss with me. 
How can I get the most out of therapy? 
Your progress in therapy depends upon your commitment to the process. People benefit most from therapy when they attend sessions regularly and consistently. 
What should I do if I need to miss a session? 
If you wish to cancel an appointment you can call me or send me an email. I require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for any cancellation, otherwise you will be liable for the cost of the missed session.  
However if you can’t keep an appointment and I can offer you another slot I will try to do so. If you are going away on holiday and give me advance warning of at least 24 hours’ notice, you will not be charged and I will keep your session slot for you when you return. 
Can I book a single assessment session to explore therapy before deciding whether to continue with you? 
Yes you can. I offer prospective clients an introductory fifty minute session. This gives us both the opportunity to consider whether we wish to work together. It is just as important that you feel comfortable with your therapist as it is that your therapist feels able to work with you. 
If we decide to work together we will agree on a time frame, which can be short term, long term or open ended. Whatever time frame we agree on we will regularly review how things are going. 
If we decide not to work together I am usually able to provide details of alternative therapists or agencies. 
Is psychotherapy and counselling confidential? 
What we discuss in the sessions remains confidential and will not be shared with any third party. However I do discuss my work in supervision, which is a professional requirement and ensures good clinical practice. In supervision I do not use identifiable details, so confidentiality is maintained. 
In the rare event that there is the strong indication that you are considering harming yourself or someone else, it may be necessary to inform another party to increase your support. In such a case I will do my utmost to discuss my concerns with you before contacting any outside party. 
What if I want to end therapy before the date we agreed? 
You have the right to end therapy before the agreed time. If you wish to do so, I would simply ask you to come for a final session so that we can review our work together and say goodbye. 
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